The industrial revolution has allowed for changing the world order through mass production and for creation of new marketing concepts. With the competition, today’s marketing and market management concepts have been taken as the basis.

The second most important fact after the industrial revolution is the understanding of significance of human behaviors at the institutional frame.

After this process which we may call it as behavioral approaching period and Elton Mayo and his colleagues have laid its foundation, it has been reached to today’s human resources and contemporary organizational behavior periods.

If the Managers ask the questions as follows;

Why can my employees not do the works as my request ?
Why don’t subordinates get benefit from my experiences and not act as my suggestion ?
Why is my employee angry and try to quit the job, when I warn him/her ?
Why does everybody come up against a new system ?
Why do all employees gossip about me, when I get angry with someone ?
Why doesn’t everybody adopt the company’s objectives ?
Why do we churn the customers ?

If the Employees ask the questions as follows;

Why don’t my superiors listen to me enough ?
Why are my colleagues promoted, despite I have been deserved it ?
Why do all difficult customers come to me ?
Why are the points that were told me when I was employed and are done by me now inconsistent ?
Why don’t the customers understand me ?
Why is the sale so difficult ?

Then it means that it is time to remember and remind the communication, marketing, human resources management and organizational behavior works.