Knowing Our Own Ethical Values...

We, ÖZGÖDEK Training and Consultancy,

• Honest team work

• Honest Competition

• Honest Customer Service

support the honest team work. Our teams are the solution partners. Our teams are stronger together as the guiding gooses and are loyal as the gooses.

Our competitors are our most estimable friends and when necessary, are our business partners.

We consider those whom we provide services as the fellow traveler of long way. Even if our service period expires, then our friendship doesn’t end.

Geese guide
"by breeze"...

At first, as if the time delays, then you see that it accelerates and passes you. Whatever you do, you cannot catch it. At that time, may be you need to fly. Fly, but how… Not like eagle, hawk, but aggressively and deathly... You should not be scared as a baby sparrow. If you float like a swan, you cannot catch the time. You, better, be like a goose. They see your achievement, while you do your work… Everybody watch satisfactorily your flight with your wings without hitting with of your team mates.

Fly with loyally, affectionately, but modestly…