We are happy to provide the different consultancy services which your company needs in the active business life with our professional team and solution partners. Our solution partners, each is expert in its specialization field, are the professionals that maintain their businesses successfully at the same time.

Human Resources Management:

Establishing the Human Resources system, restructuring services, white collar position valuation and salary studies, blue collar work grouping and salary studies, job-staff matching with human-focused interviews and personality analyses, preparation and implementation of documents, regulations and procedures necessary for in-company communication and correct flow of business, making the regulation related to the labor law, performing the work analyses and making the work definitions depending on them by the professional teams, establishing the performance and career systems for sustainable achievement, carrying out the institutional identity works necessary to introduce the company correctly to the public opinion, creating the vision, mission, values, knowing the domestic and foreign customers, determining the education need and education planning.

Multinational Services:

Providing the legal, financial and administrative consultancy services which multinational companies need while and after entering to the Turkish market, establishing the higher value-added systems, following the innovations related to the human management in the international platforms , participation in the project assessment works in European Union Commission, Brussels as the external expert, providing the service as the trainer and consultant in the European Union supported project groups in Turkey.

Management Ethics and Establishing the Ethics System:

Auditing if the incorporation objectives of companies and their visions and missions are consistent, establishing the institutional values depending on it or revising the existing values, creating the ethical values and institutional ethic codes, establishing the ethic board and contributing its activity.